Srinidhi Srinivasan

Srinidhi Sridharan - Srinidhi grew up in a family with a passion for Carnatic music, leading him to train as a vocalist from a young age. He began learning music from Dr. Alakananda Nath (Toronto), before training with Smt. Raji Gopalakrishnan (Chennai) for the past 10+ years. Concurrently, he studied layam (rhythm) and kanjira under the guidance of Shri Thanjavur S. Ganapathy. Srinidhi has won prizes in the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, and has given kutcheris extensively across North American and in the Chennai December music season for a number of years now. Srinidhi is the Managing Partner of a Toronto-based impact investment firm, and has degrees in mathematics and business administration.

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